Stick to the Schedule: Los Angeles Imposes Significant New Requirements on Retail Employers

On November 22, 2022, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed the Fair Work Week Ordinance (“FWWO”). Set to take effect in April 2023, the new law imposes significant requirements on retail employers in the City of Los Angeles with respect to both scheduling and hiring. It follows in the footsteps of similar predictive scheduling laws already […]

Conducting Formal Racial Equity Audits in the Workplace

Companies have increasingly turned to formal racial equity audits to identify and address systemic bias and discrimination. Typically, a third-party or external law firm conducts a racial equity audit for a company by evaluating its policies, procedures, and practices. For instance, the auditor may look at the company’s recruiting, interviewing, hiring, promotion, and retention processes. […]

Highlighting 25 Tips in Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

Employers in today’s tight job market are constantly looking for ways to recruit and maintain top talent from a diverse slate of candidates. Doing so can be tricky, however, as there are limits to which employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies can go in building such a slate. This Littler Lightbulb shines a spotlight on some […]

How not to prove “welcomeness” in a sex harassment case

Employers, know your limits. As most of our readers know, for inappropriate behavior to be “sexual harassment,” it has to be “unwelcome” to the recipient. When doing harassment training, I’ve found that a lot of people don’t know this. But as soon as I give them some examples, they pick it right up. For example, […]