Finding solutions for your employment issues.

Are your employees out of control, affecting other employees and even your clients? Are they excessively absent, or have behavioral or performance issues? Do you hear the words “hostile”, “retaliation”, “harassment” or “discrimination?” You know you need to tackle these problems but do not know where to begin, who to ask for guidance?

F3HR Consulting has helped business owners and managers remain focused on the business while we take care of your workforce issues. We partner with you to find the best course of action – from writing a disciplinary action to terminating the employee, we are with you every step of the way.

From start-ups to mature companies, we provide tailored HR solutions to keep your company compliant and mitigate risk. Do not go at it alone.


F3HR Consulting

Fair, firm & friendly.


PO Box 3661, Fresno, CA 93650

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