Many of you do not know me personally. I have been married once before. I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the 60’s. I miss the soft sand, beautiful beaches and its people and food. When I arrived in California, I came alone, no family, no friends. Another adventure because I am not afraid of change.

I fell in love with a man named Paul almost eight years ago. He got me out of my comfort zone; took me climbing, canyoneering, camping, and rafting. These adventures were not in my life before I met him. He introduced me to my current circle of friends which I adore and partake in great adventures.

I purchased my first home; I was so proud of myself when I did. It is perfect for our small family including Valentina, Lola, and Pippa. These are our three girls, the part of our life that makes us very happy. Unconditional love is what we get from them, each and every day.

Our journey has been full of ups and downs, getting to know each other, what ticks us off and what we love about each other. I love Paul’s calmness and perspective. He is a good man and that is why I said YES when he asked me to join him for the rest of our lives.

Today we will be married at 4:30pm in Las Vegas with one witness. I prefer to be simple, no fuss. It is our day to enjoy between and cherish forever.

– Terry

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