• Volunteers May Work For Nonprofits Without Compensation

    The California Court of Appeal has definitively resolved an issue that was until now somewhat ambiguous:  Can volunteers in fact volunteer their time for nonprofit organizations without receiving pay or other forms of compensation?  The answer is YES.  Woods v. American Film Institute, Case No. B307220 (Cal. Ct. App. Dec. 17, 2021). Laurie Woods worked for four days as a volunteer […]

  • Are California employers required to have an IIPP in place?

    Yes, businesses in California must have a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) no matter the size of the business. Each year, Cal/OSHA issues more fines to businesses in violation of the IIPP regulation than it does for any other standard. I can help you create an IIPP. Contact me for more information.

  • Updates to California’s Non-Disclosure and Confidential Settlement Agreements

    Prohibition of non-disclosure provisions in settlement agreements is expanded. Currently, Civil Procedure Code section 1001 (“Section 1001”) prohibits settlement agreement provisions that bar disclosure of factual information regarding an administrative or civil claim for sexual assault, sexual harassment, harassment or discrimination based on sex, failure to prevent such an act, or retaliation against a person for reporting such an act.  For […]

  • California – CFRA will cover Parents-in-Law

     The new law adds parents-in-law to the definition of a “parent” for purposes of family care and medical leave under the California Family Rights Act (“CFRA”), thereby expanding the scope of CFRA leave.  The bill also significantly modifies the process related to the small employer family leave mediation pilot program, applicable to employers with between five and 19 employees.  Among […]

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